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  • Why pole dancing?

Are you tired of the usual sport where very often the main objective is to shape the body / lose weight ... what is obviously unlikely if you do not work seriously and consistently!?!

Well the Pole dance is far from "usual" sport, it is a philosophy of life, it brings daily challenges with new experiences!
Practicing pole dance means to be part of another world things you can achieve will seem impossible for others! Pole dance strengthens you because you work only with the weight of your body. Believe me no matter the current body shape it will change within a few months ...

Many are ashamed, they do not feel feminine ... within a month you will unleash all the femininity you've kept locked until now!
Lets talk about self-esteem? Well from today you will start challenging yourself on new levels, difficult challenges will no longer stop you, it's time to prove that women rule this world!


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